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Human Nature (2019)

‘Dreamworld I and II’, Gabriele Gutwirth

It’s Fancy!

Based on Nijinsky (1950), Franz Kline

Ex Erased de Kooning Drawing

Based on Erased de Kooning Drawing (1953), Robert Rauschenberg

Including an excerpt of the lyrics of Back To Life (1989), Soul II Soul

Untitled Titled : Ode to Joy


Friedrich von Schiller’s Ode to Joy, adapted by Ludwig van Beethoven, English translation by William F. Wertz

Based on Untitled (1967), Donald Judd

There’s Always Something Happening

Dedicated to the artists who initiated art happenings and performance art

Dream World I and II

I: Paper Earth Art and Gutwirths favorite words from Song of Myself (Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass)

II: An unfolding box inspired by all the “isms”


Planet Head and Planet Heart (2016)

‘Planet Head and Planet Heart’, Gabriele Gutwirth

Use your brain for analyzing your experiences and your heart for the decisions.

© 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

Ink and collage elements on paper, 35.5 x 43 cm – © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.