In Person (2019)

Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, ‘In Person I’

“What if a piece of art is so delicate that it cannot be seen from a distance?”

Gabriele Gutwirth, Artist, ‘In Person’

“Three times me life-size on paper.”


Courage (2018)

‘Courage I and II’, Gabriele Gutwirth

“In contrast to my previous drawings, the pieces of Courage might appear as if they had been evolved from one hand movement. In fact, each composition was similarly pre-drawn with a pencil and neatly executed with a 0.05 mm thick pen.”


Smart Expansion (2017–2018)

‘Smart Expansion’ series, detail, Gabriele Gutwirth

“This kind of drawing technique takes a high level of concentration and I need to make the right decisions. Every line is like a commitment—once it’s drawn there’s no turning back.”


Connected (2016–2017)

Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, ‘Eden’ series, Miami, Little Haiti
Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, ‘Eden’ variations, printmaking
Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, ‘Connected’, ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Ways’

In order to produce the final prints for this project, I merged my drawings and photographs into digital collages and transferred them to printing plates. Connected unites two different techniques and turns their combination into a new medium.

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‘Smart Expansion’ series, detail – © 2021 G. Gutwirth