In Person (2019)

“What if a piece of art is so delicate that it cannot be seen from a distance?”

‘In Person I, II, III’, Gabriele Gutwirth

“Three times me life-size on paper.”


Conscious Poems (2018)

Artists Draw Their Studios, ‘The Poem of Process’, G. Gutwirth

The Poem of Faith

Sometimes I don’t know.

Is it the end or the beginning? Aren’t they the same?

What if we stop thinking? What would we be?

I guess we would be free.


Courage (2018)

‘Courage I and II’, Gabriele Gutwirth

“In contrast to my previous drawings, Courage might appear as if it had been evolved spontaneously. A motif seems to be built of one movement. In fact, each line was carefully executed with a 0.05 mm thick pen.”


Smart Expansion (2017–2018)

‘Smart Expansion’ series, Gabriele Gutwirth
‘Smart Expansion’ series, detail, Gabriele Gutwirth

“If someone asked me why I create these delicate and complex drawings, I’d say each line is a thought. Now one can imagine what that means: there were thousands of thoughts in mind.”


© 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

‘Blooming Eden’

from ‘Connnected’ Detail of color variation 1 © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.