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Body Drawings (2018)

Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, Performance, ‘Body Drawings’

According to the central idea of Connectivity, I perceive the participation of myself in my environment as a logical consequence. In Body Drawings I’m the ink and the landscape is my paper.


Natural Transformation (2018)

‘Natural Transformation’ – © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

“Natural Transformation is a video (3 min 16 sec) of recording me in a black dress sitting in front of the ocean. I decide to walk into it and then dissappear. The moment when I dissolve in the waves is escorted by a flock of seagulls. After a few seconds I return in a white dress. The whole sequence has a dramatic impact.

I conceived this project meticulously, but I couldn’t plan what actually happened. I focused on walking a straight line into the water without paying attention to anything else when my friend who assisted me suddenly started to shout: “Look at all these seagulls!” At the same time, I discovered a huge school of big fish swimming around my legs. They were everywhere.

Natural Transformation evolved unexpectedly. With the appearance of the birds and the fish I realized that I could define the overall concept, but not its definite development—every environment has its specific, sometimes unfamiliar rules.

© 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.