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Natural Transformation (2018)

‘Natural Transformation’ – © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

Natural Transformation is a video (3 min 16 sec) of recording me in a black dress sitting in front of the ocean. I decide to walk into it and then dissappear. The moment when I dissolve in the waves is escorted by a flock of seagulls. After a few seconds I return in a white dress.


This artwork is about transition, release of control, and awareness. The ocean is a metaphor for permanent shift and movement, and the water serves as an element of cleansing.


As long as we try to control all situations in our life, we might miss the chance to learn and actually to improve our lives. Even though change can challenge us, it’s always for the better. We just have to decide to accept it. And as it is with all situations in life, with all our dreams and wishes—if we dare to do a new step, things fall into place. Everything has an effect on everything.


Natural Transformation can also be seen as a ceremony of purification such as a rebirth or a baptism. The depicted process of transformation might be a recurring cycle. If we change, we’ll reach another level and are right in front of the opportunity to change again.

Body Drawings (2018)

Regarding the central idea of Connectivity, I perceive the integration of myself into my environment as a logical consequence. In Body Drawings I’m the ink and the landscape is my paper.

© 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

‘Body Drawing 4’

Digitally altered photograph ‘Body Drawings’ series 2018 © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.