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Home, Somehow Or Other (2017–2019)

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“The German language has two different terms for home I like to interpret. ‘Heimat’ is home and means that one knows from where they come. It’s about cultural and learned things. It’s the roots. ‘Zuhause’ is home too. This word describes how one feels when they have realized where they belong.”


Simplicity (2018)

Book ‘Simplicity’, Gabriele Gutwirth

Simplicity, the book (excerpt of 88 pages: photographs, drawings, quotes, and poetry)


“On page 75 of Simplicity, I write ‘Listen. Every wave is a heartbeat. It’s your heartbeat. Can you hear it?’ If one ever heard blood pulsating through ultrasound, it reminds one of ocean waves. Nature’s rhythm is intuitive, such as the one of our hearts. Simultaneously, this rhythm is based on laws and rules that want to become understood. If we pay more attention to certain feelings and reflect them with what we know, we might stop overthinking situations, and can react without excessive emotions. For me, the word ‘simplicity’ also means that something is easy to comprehend—by both, heart and brain.”


Fluid (2018)

Book ‘Fluid’, Gabriele Gutwirth

Fluid, the book (excerpt of 60 pages: photographs, drawings, quotes, and poetry)

“Many people are drawn to the ocean; I’m one of them. Yet I haven’t always felt that way. Growing up in the southern part of Germany, I had always been convinced that mountains, forests, and fields were the most fulfilling places in the world. After living close to the sea for about four years, things have changed. While I wouldn’t go as far as saying one is better than the other, the ocean is something I had clearly been subconsciously missing.”


Water And Land (2017)

Books ‘Water And Land’, Gabriele Gutwirth

Water And Land, the books (excerpts of 2 x 56 pages: photographs and quotes)

“While I was living in Miami Beach, I felt the need to pay hommage to the places I called my two homes at that time. Water is about Miami Beach’s ocean environment. Land contains photographs of plants, fields, forests, and lakes, which are prominent in the area of Kissing, Germany, the place where I have lived most of my lifetime. All of my images are shot from an unexpected perspective or are digitally altered. To identify my motifs, the beholder has to look twice. Seeing something from another point of view can give it a new sense—it might become more meaningful.”

‘Water And Land’ – © 2020 Gabriele Gutwirth. All rights reserved.

Water And Land, the video (3 min 07 sec)

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