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Home, Somehow Or Other (2017–2019)

Gabriele Gutwirth Artist, from ‘Home, Somehow Or Other’
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“The German language has two different terms for home I like to interpret. ‘Heimat’ is home and means that one knows from where they come. It’s about cultural and learned things. It’s the roots. ‘Zuhause’ is home too. This word describes how one feels when they have realized where they belong.”


Simplicity (2018)

“Commonly, the word ‘simplicity’ suggests a condition which is easy to comprehend, possibly also in a more superficial way of consideration. I’d rather apply ‘simplicity’ as a synonym for a situation or issue that is easy to handle after it has been understood or clarified.
In this context, I’d like to mention a quote attributed to, inter alia, Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’”


Water and Land (2017)

“Basically, the project Water and Land can be described as a hybrid between a treasure hunt and investigative work. Water is about Miami Beach’s ocean environment. Land contains photographs of plants, fields, forests, and lakes, which are prominent in the area of Kissing, Germany, the place of my parental home.

Many of these images are shot from an unusual perspective or are digitally altered. To identify a motif, the beholder has to look twice. Seeing something from another point of view can reveal characteristics which would otherwise not have been detected.”

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‘Water And Land’

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