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Simplicity (13" x 11", 2018)

Yes, nature is our teacher.
We just have to open our eyes to the natural world that surrounds us.

Nature shows us the unseen—respect, acceptance, mindfulness, love, hope, trust, regeneration, rhythm, balance, peace, freedom, connection. And so many other wonderful attributes that we talk and hear about every day and want to have in our lives. Nature is the reflection of our very selves, and is there to help us open our hearts and minds.

Here’s my recommendation: Go outside, watch, walk, touch, smell, listen, dream, breathe. And maybe close your eyes from time to time to feel and to let yourself smile—without thinking or analyzing. By simply being part of nature, we automatically learn that we are one. Nothing less than that.

Life—every single facet of it—is precious. And life is simple.