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Water and Land (photo books, 2 x 13" x 11" and video, 3 min 07 sec, 2017)

Water and Land pays hommage to the two places where I have lived, places that I love a great deal:
My German hometown, Kissing, and my chosen hometown, Miami Beach, in the US.


At first glance, the two worlds could not be more different—from their vegetation to their climate and lifestyle. Kissing is green and abounds with forests and fields. The air is dry, the mountains are only a short distance away, and we delight in the natural variety of four seasons. Miami Beach is the exact opposite: An ocean city with a tropical climate and high humidity, it is completely surrounded by water. Its one season is summer, and the sun shines nearly every single day.


While our culture and habits may differ, at the end of the day, we are all the same. We worry about the same things, we delight in the same things, and we care about the people we love. We see what we want to see. We are humans living on the same planet and we are far more connected than we think.


Sometimes we are unable to perceive the beauty of our environment, simply because we are so used to the things around us. My photographs capture the natural environments of Kissing and Miami Beach from a fresh and innovative perspective. My focus is on natural elements, light and shadow, mainly from different perspectives or in different colors. In every photo, I seek to open our eyes to the tiny details which create the overall concept.


I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to discover the beauty of these two worlds and to connect them in my heart.