Gabriele Gutwirth is a German artist (MFA, Visual Arts), designer (Dipl.-Designer FH / BA, Communication Design), and former CEO and Creative Director of an advertising agency in Augsburg, Germany (2000–2015). The company’s client base included global leading brands such as Audi, Peugeot, and the MAN Group.  

At the beginning of 2016, Gutwirth moved to Miami, USA, to enhance her expertise. She completed her MFA at the Miami International University of Art & Design (2019) where she received a scholarship in summer 2018 and the MFA Visual Arts Outstanding Achievement Award for exceptional performance and portfolio in June 2019.

​The artist has since exhibited her works in Germany, Miami and New York, participated in art communities like the SHIM Art Network, Brooklyn, NY, and was appointed as a juror to THE LINE MIAMI Artist Collective as well as a member of the examination committee to the Faculty of Interior Design at the Miami International University of Art & Design.

Gutwirth currently lives and works in Bavaria, Germany.


Media and Style

Gabriele Gutwirth’s body of work consists of precise and experimental ink drawings, photographs, and collages she occasionally refines digitally or blends with printmaking.

The artist considers her style to be graphic, delicate, and subtle. Several of her pieces cannot be captured from afar. If her audience wants to learn more about the underlying narrative of a work, they have to take their time and come closer. In this respect, Gutwirth counters societal trends towards information overload and continuous sensory stimulation. Her design approach intends to initiate personal exchange and aims at information bundling.

Among her contemporary influences, the artist counts Andy Goldsworthy, Elina Brotherus, Christian Jankowski as well as Olafur Eliasson.


Artistic Statement

Gutwirth’s overarching conceptual theme, named Connectivity, rests upon the theory that all existence is connected and that every individual has their personal influence on this cycle, even on a subconscious level.


On that basis, the artist is particularly interested in interpersonal relationships and the barely discernible subtleties that define their interplay. Every thought, word, and seemingly insignificant decision or action can cause palpable long-term consequences. Each of these details can dominate the development of a process, affect the outcome of a situation, and ultimately, shape social dynamics.


In order to gain more insights of relevant determinants, Gutwirth draws inspiration from her social environment as well as she uses analogies in nature.

Projects (excerpt)


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