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Bio and Approach,
Sectors, Experience, and Skills,
Curriculum Vitae

A Continuously Forming Synthesis of Skills and Experience

The word ‘design’ is predominantly associated with something that can be perceived visually. However, a design can go beyond visual presence. The Oxford Dictionary defines design as to “do or plan (something) with a specific purpose in mind”. Based on this notion, ‘design’ can therefore also be a sophisticated structure, an elaborate system, or simply a well-rounded written communication concept. This term basically functions as a collective name for a subject independent from visual or non-visual attributes provided that all of its components are plausibly and ingeniously combined and lead to a solution executed in its most expedient option.

Gutwirth’s field of activity covers both visual and non-visual design work. Her communication design portfolio consists of prestige projects for global leading corporations, including corporate design and branding, employer branding, event and jubilee communication, and design and marketing consulting. She can also prove profound knowledge in brand conception for B2B and B2C niche brands and special industries.


Gutwirth’s concepts strongly benefit from her intercultural skills and abilities for lateral and parallel thinking, analogy building, and change of perspective, which she has significantly refined in her additional qualification abroad, involving visual arts education, academic work, and art exhibition experience. Gutwirth extends and maintains her design competence constantly—not only in connection with ongoing projects but also by challenging herself in self-chosen topics.

The Reciprocal Relationship between Art, Science, and Design

Artistic thinking’s exceptional ability to generate innovative ideas across the spectrum of human knowledge has always influenced societal development. Since the movements of Modern Art when artists intentionally broke the rules of academism to explore new topics and techniques, creating their pieces more intuitively and individually, the field of art serves as a platform for playful experimentation and investigation free of limitations. Consequently, the process of creating art can be seen as an intrinsically motivated research methodology. Hence, even though art mainly arises without the need for pragmatism, it often provides approaches that contain beneficial insights for wider audiences.

Artistic viewpoints can prevent one-way-thinking and initiate unexpected, out of the box solutions. In light of this, idea generation in art also makes a great impact on the field of design. If an artistic project shows high potential of representing a prototype for practical utilization and its feasibility and replicability can successfully be validated by reliable (scientific) verification methods, art is capable of turning into design.


To quote designer Robin Mathew: “Design is where science and art break even.”

Sectors, Experience,

and Skills

The Designer

Gabriele Gutwirth is a German communication designer who specializes in design concept, design consulting, and brand development. She studied at the Miami International University of Art & Design, USA (MFA, Visual Arts) and at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany (Dipl.-Designer [FH]/BA, Communication Design).

Good Design Builds Upon Prioritization.

Gutwirth believes a target-oriented selection of data keeps business ventures uncluttered and administrative expenses manageable, provides responsible interaction with resources, and simultaneously, facilitates the exploration of advanced solutions and opportunities. Therefore, her design approach underlies a focused decision-making process which results in a well thought out summary of information presented in a purposeful and logically structured manner. Both conceptually and visually, Gutwirth puts a great emphasis on a forward-looking and accurate form of communication that creates a strong foundation for the expansion of subsequent design and organizational tasks.​

Short Biography and Design Approach

Experience, Academic Details, and Awards


Gabriele Gutwirth Communication Design; Germany


Miami International University of Art & Design, Faculty of Interior Design, Member of The Examination Commitee, appointed by Thelma Lazo-Flores (PhD), Lead Faculty, Interior Design; Miami, FL, USA

Laundromat Art Space, Artist in Residence; Little Haiti, Miami, FL, USA

Miami International University of Art & Design, MFA Visual Arts Outstanding Achievement Award for exceptional performance and portfolio; Miami, FL, USA

Miami International University of Art & Design, Graduate Course Development (course structure and evaluation): ‘The Artist Identity; Miami, FL, USA

Miami International University of Art & Design, Teacher Training (Teaching Methodologies); Miami, FL, USA


SHIM Art Network, Alumni Member (05/2020–present), SHIM Invitational Member Artist (–04/2020); Brooklyn, NY, USA


Miami International University of Art & Design, International Student Scholarship; Miami, FL, USA


THE LINE MIAMI Artist Collective, Invitational Project Member (10/2017–present) and Juror (–03/2020); Miami, FL, USA


Miami International University of Art & Design, MFA (Visual Arts), under Wes Carson (MFA), Judith Berk King (MFA), and Stephanie Laffer (PhD), subject of the MFA thesis: ‘Connectivity; Miami, FL, USA


AUDI AG, Audi Academy, Audi Certified Marketing Consultant, Service Market Development [Audi Service Marktbearbeitung]; Ingolstadt, Germany


Friedrich-Prinz-Fonds Façade Award for the partial reconstruction of a historic residential and commercial building (Reformarchitektur, around 1900), Lederle & Gutwirth GbR; Antonsviertel, Augsburg, Germany


MINDCRAFTS Communications GmbH, Owner, CEO, and Creative Director, client base included leading brands such as the MAN Group, Audi, Peugeot, and Klassik Radio; Augsburg, Germany


MINDCRAFTS Gabriele Gutwirth, Founder, Owner, and Creative Director; Augsburg, Germany


‘The Product 2010 Challenge – Innovate, Don’t Imitate, nationwide case study initiated by Procter & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Focus, inno-tec; Team Backstage, 2nd place overall; Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany


University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Diplom-Designer (FH)/BA (Communication Design), under Prof. Rainer Frost, Prof. Hans Richard Heitmann, and Prof. Joachim Palm; Augsburg, Germany

At A Glance

Art Exhibitions


‘Artists Draw Their Studios, group exhibition, Art and Culture Center Hollywood; Hollywood, FL, USA


‘SHIM Invitational 7, group exhibition, Odetta Gallery; Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, USA

‘THE LINE MIAMI Selection, group exhibition, Laundromat Art Space; Little Haiti, Miami, FL, USA


‘Connectivity, MFA thesis exhibition, AXS art at AXS law; Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA

‘Symbiotic, group exhibition, AXS art at AXS law; Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA


aqua art Miami, THE LINE MIAMI Artist Collective in partnership with the SHIM Art Network and ArtHelix Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Miami Beach, FL, USA

‘The Wizard of Oz Contemporary Interpretations – The Educational Exhibition, group exhibition, The Frank – Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall in partnership with the Miami Children’s Museum; Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

‘Frank Contemporaries, pop-up exhibition, The Frank – Frank C. Ortis Art Gallery and Exhibit Hall; Pembroke Pines, FL, USA


‘Connectivity Drawings and Collages, solo exhibition, buerofuenf; Augsburg, Germany


‘La Isla Única, Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty; Islamorada, FL, USA;

‘Cross Currents, MFA exhibition, Miami International University of Art & Design; Miami, FL, USA


‘Connected, pop-up exhibition, Hogan Lovells; Miami, FL, USA

‘La Isla Única, solo exhibition, The Treeeden Orlando; Groveland, FL, USA

‘Crossroads, MFA exhibition, Miami International University of Art & Design; Miami, FL, USA

Art Collaborations


‘THE LINE Drawing Project – A Transformative Collaborative Drawing Project, global Exquisite Corpse, THE LINE MIAMI Artist Collective, curated by Joana Fischer; Miami, FL, USA;


‘Artists Draw Their Studios, curated by Michelle Weinberg; Miami, FL, USA/Manhattan, NY, USA

Visual Arts Experience


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